The GPS Tracking Network Provides Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

The GPS Tracking Network, parent company of Trackertel GPS (, offers reliable and real time commercial fleet tracking. The tracking of assets provides cost benefits, safety and emergency features, and better customer and client relations.

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas TX, 27-AUGUST-2013 – Trackertel GPS, a subsidiary of The GPS Tracking Network is pleased to announce that it has the equipment and professional know-how to offer commercial fleet GPS tracking solutions for large and small fleets. The services are accurate and real time, so that there is never a question about where the valuable firm assets are at any particular moment. Running a profitable business requires up to date information, organization, hard work and, most of all, unquestionable customer service. The fleet tracking system allows owners to control many aspects of the operation.

According to a company spokesperson, “TrackerTEL GPS is a fleet asset tracking solution that allows you to control cost, increase productivity, increase speed of service and employee safety. The TrackerTEL GPS tracking system allows you to maximize your fleet efficiency and deploy equipment, field service and sales personnel more quickly in day-to-day operations.”

The modern technology that allows for this tracking is the LiveTrack1. Some of the elements that make the device useful include on screen mapping of vehicles by street name and block, as well as vehicle speed monitoring with auto-notification. There is GEO Fencing with auto-notification and auto vehicle reporting every three minutes, as well as unlimited vehicle polling for real-time tracking. Users can track the vehicle’s path and heading.

Text reports include automatically generated maintenance reports, stop reports and vehicle-based daily text reports which are created. Unlimited historical reports can be created. If necessary, advisories can be created for unique situations and there are advanced security features for rapid emergency response.

Learn more about the GPS tracking solutions available for commercial fleets by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the technology and the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location provided below.

Company Name: The GPS Tracking Network

Address: Dallas, TX 75243

Contact Telephone Number: (855) 687-4GPS

Contact Fax Number: (877) 843-4473




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