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The GPS Tracking Network Provides Solution That Allows You To Track Driver Behavior

The GPS Tracking Network, parent company of Trackertel GPS ( ) provides an efficient and accurate software package that permits full tracking of employee behavior. Improved monitoring and tracking is the first step in improving profitability for the employer.

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas TX, 26-JANUARY-2014 – Trackertel GPS, a subsidiary of The GPS Tracking Network, is pleased to announce that they offer the software tools for comprehensive tracking of fleet driver behavior. The reports offer real time, as well as historical performance data. Controlling individual employee actions allows for an increase in profit margins, because firms are reducing costs. At the same time, commercial employee fleet tracking managers have a better handle on the performance of the trucks.

A spokesperson from the commercial employee fleet tracking company explained in a recent interview, “Tracking the behavior of employee drivers improves overall productivity and efficiency. The reporting modules offer reporting configurations that are customized for the needs of the fleet manager or the employer.”

He continues, “Our software offers an affordable up-to-the minute GPS solution in one convenient package. Now your company can harness the power of GPS (Global Positioning Satellites), wireless and cellular communications, the Internet, and your personal computer to revolutionize your business. TrackerTEL GPS Products bring vehicle location, driver behavior, mobile asset management and speed of service into the 21st century.”

The information accessed by the owner/manager of the fleet is both real time and historical. A full picture of the behavior of an individual driver and his truck is recorded by the day, week month or into past history. Printed forms are available if needed for the reporting format. Controlling behavior leads to increased productivity, since the manager is able to identify start and stop times, speed against posted speed and other elements of driving practices.

Learn more about the software tracking modules available from TrackerTel GPS by visiting the web pages today. Members of the press and individuals who have questions regarding the capabilities and the info in this press release are invited to contact the company at the location offered below.

Company Name: The GPS Tracking Network

Address: Dallas, TX 75243

Contact Telephone Number: (855) 687-4477 or (855) 687-4GPS

Contact Fax Number: (877) 843-4473




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How Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Solution Helps Eliminate Excessive Idle Time

Commercial employee fleet tracking is a top concern for any business or organisation that wishes to make use of a large number of vehicles. Being able to track the whereabouts of your staff can help you to better organize your everyday operations. Knowing where to find the best resources could make a considerable difference.

For businesses that fail to concern themselves with efficiency, getting the most out of their efforts can be a far more difficult challenge. Lacking insight into how your staff is operating may leave you unable to make any needed changes. Systems able to provide information in real time may prove to be a smart investment.

Resources that can result in a more efficient daily operation may hold the key to creating a more efficient working environment or process. Keeping tabs on vehicles and drivers can be very difficult should you lack the most effective means of staying informed. Equipping your vehicles with the right equipment is often the best approach to take.

Equipment and systems designed to track and manage vehicles can differ greatly in terms of features and performance. Failing to learn more about such options before making any purchase may prove to be a serious mistake. Informed purchases will be far more likely to provide you with greater satisfaction.

Learning the details regarding any systems or devices you may be thinking of purchasing can often be done in a number of different ways. Conducting a basic internet search may provide you with the means to outline your options and rule out any that will not meet your needs. Such resources could be of greater benefit than you may have imagined.

Commercial employee fleet tracking systems offer an easier way to improve efficiency and make the most out of your staff. Keeping an eye on everyone while they are in the field may not always be possible through conventional resources alone. Investing in a system that will allow you to track your staff may be the solution you have been seeking.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of commercial employee fleet tracking check out this link to TrackerTEL Global Tracking Solutions. To see how we can increase your business, visit us online today at

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Dallas Tracking Commercial Fleets – The GPS Tracking Network

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The GPS Tracking Network Offers Detailed Historical Reports For Fleet Tracking

The GPS Tracking Network, parent company of Trackertel GPS ( ) provides software to create needed historical reports for each of the company vehicles, as well as for each employee. The reports are useful for identifying cost overruns as well as profit centers.

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas TX, 26-JANUARY-2014 – Trackertel GPS, a subsidiary of The GPS Tracking Network commercial employee fleet tracking firm is able to provide detailed historical reports for commercial fleet operations. Fleet managers know that accurate and timely information about the units in the fleet is crucial for identifying where costs are exceeding expectations or whether the firm is making a profitable run.

According to a representative for the commercial employee fleet tracking software firm, “The software included in the various modules of Trackertel GPS provides many types of customized historical reports. You can pick a date and see elements both vertically and horizontally, depending upon your needs. Checking on employees is critical if you are to run your fleet most effectively. The reports are individualized for the particular client.”

He continues, “If you need information on the stop time of a particular vehicle or specific driver, that information is instantly available. You may need to know if idle time goes over a certain set boundary. Driver and vehicle mileage are available at any level of the organization. More detailed information about driver behavior includes speed reports compared to posted speeds. You can check the amount of company fuel pumped into company vehicles.”

Designing the exact type of reports necessary to operate the fleet vehicles is easy when the software modules of Trackertel GPS are installed. The historical reports are created by vehicle, employee, day, week and month as needed. Personnel from the software firm are available to assist with designing and setting up your system.

Learn more by checking out the information at 855-687-4477 / 855-687-4GPS or today. Members of the press and others who have queries regarding the software and the contents of this specific press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location presented below.

Company Name: The GPS Tracking Network

Address: Dallas, TX 75243

Contact Telephone Number: (855) 687-4477 or (855) 687-4GPS

Contact Fax Number: (877) 843-4473



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Learn How Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Solution Helps Control Cost And Productivity

Companies that depend on the usage of a large number of vehicles have to recognize the value of commercial employee fleet tracking. This technology has become relevant to these businesses because of the increase in productivity that it can provide. It will help you to offer better service and control costs so that your return on investment will be much higher.

Fuel is one of the major expenses of these types of businesses. If you do not control costs in this area, your bottom line can be affected negatively. When the GPS system is installed, wasteful driver habits such as unauthorized journeys, excessive idle times and indirect routes can be identified. Mileage can be reduced when these habits are curtailed.

The cost of communication can also be reduced. The operation of a fleet requires constant communication with units that are at different locations. This is done through phone calls and text message and large bills are normally incurred. The GPS system makes it possible to know the precise location of every unit and the need for unnecessary calls is eliminated.

When drivers are aware that they are being tracked, they tend to become more efficient. This means jobs will be completed on time and the company can satisfy more customers within the same period. Customer satisfaction will increase and more jobs will come in.

Vehicle tracking will ensure that the actual hours that are worked are recorded on time sheets. Manual timesheets usually have mistakes as well as inflated figures. Workers will not be able to inflate the time that is spent on the job because the hours are tracked automatically.

Besides the mentioned points, commercial employee fleet tracking also produces an alert when vehicles are due for routine servicing. Maintenance will now be done at the right times and break downs can then be reduced to a minimum. Overall, this system will enable productivity to improve and the operations of the business will then be more profitable.

Commercial employee fleet tracking by TrackerTEL Global Tracking Solutions can make your delivery system faster and more efficient. If you would like to know more about this innovative technology, visit us at today.

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Commercial Fleet Tracking in Dallas- The GPS Tracking Network

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Utilize Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Solution To Maintain Up To Date Operations

Commercial employee fleet tracking solutions are an important resource for many businesses. Keeping tabs on even a small number of vehicles in the field can be a challenging undertaking. Easier ways to locate drivers and log vehicle information can allow you to improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Businesses are required to deal with a range of organizational issues. For those that field a large number of vehicles, staying up to date with the location and efforts of all staff may be even more difficult. Systems, equipment and other resources that can provide superior results may prove to be a key asset.

Organization and management efforts that are outdated or less than equal to the task may could be costing you much more than you might realize. Automating the process can free up time and resources better spent on other matters. Superior solutions could be worth the cost of investment for many companies and businesses.

Learning more about how you may be able to track vehicles when they are in the field will provide you with a better understanding of your options. Missing an opportunity to improve your daily operations could be a serious oversight. Solutions that have more to offer can be worth the time and effort needed to locate.

Online research provides a simple way to learn more about the equipment and systems that can be found. Detailing your options and learning more about them can allow you the chance to make better purchases. Finding superior equipment and organizational solutions may be far easier than you had expected.

Commercial employee fleet tracking systems can do much to improve your organization and efficiency. Locating the best solutions can be an important concern for many businesses. Learning more about your options should allow you to make better selections and investments when it comes to the equipment and other devices you need.

TrackerTEL GPS is a fleet asset commercial employee fleet tracking solution that allows you to control cost, increase productivity, increase speed of service and employee safety. To request a live demo, visit us on the Web today at


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