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Dallas Tracking Commercial Fleets – The GPS Tracking Network


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Commercial Fleet Tracking in Dallas- The GPS Tracking Network

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Utilize Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Solution To Maintain Up To Date Operations

Commercial employee fleet tracking solutions are an important resource for many businesses. Keeping tabs on even a small number of vehicles in the field can be a challenging undertaking. Easier ways to locate drivers and log vehicle information can allow you to improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Businesses are required to deal with a range of organizational issues. For those that field a large number of vehicles, staying up to date with the location and efforts of all staff may be even more difficult. Systems, equipment and other resources that can provide superior results may prove to be a key asset.

Organization and management efforts that are outdated or less than equal to the task may could be costing you much more than you might realize. Automating the process can free up time and resources better spent on other matters. Superior solutions could be worth the cost of investment for many companies and businesses.

Learning more about how you may be able to track vehicles when they are in the field will provide you with a better understanding of your options. Missing an opportunity to improve your daily operations could be a serious oversight. Solutions that have more to offer can be worth the time and effort needed to locate.

Online research provides a simple way to learn more about the equipment and systems that can be found. Detailing your options and learning more about them can allow you the chance to make better purchases. Finding superior equipment and organizational solutions may be far easier than you had expected.

Commercial employee fleet tracking systems can do much to improve your organization and efficiency. Locating the best solutions can be an important concern for many businesses. Learning more about your options should allow you to make better selections and investments when it comes to the equipment and other devices you need.

TrackerTEL GPS is a fleet asset commercial employee fleet tracking solution that allows you to control cost, increase productivity, increase speed of service and employee safety. To request a live demo, visit us on the Web today at


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Fleet Tracking Management – The GPS Tracking Network

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The GPS Tracking Network Provides Solutions To Help Control Costs And Increase Productivity

The GPS Tracking Network, parent company of Trackertel GPS ( offers all the features in a commercial fleet account. Training and setup assistance is provided with the installation of the system.

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas TX, 23-DECEMBER-2013 – Trackertel GPS, a subsidiary of The GPS Tracking Network, is pleased to announce that GPS commercial employee fleet tracking assists in controlling costs of fleet management as well as increasing productivity. The TrackerTEL GPS system is a comprehensive fleet asset tracking solution that provides cost control and productivity enhancement. It increases the speed at which service can be provided and increases employee safety.

According to a representative from the commercial employee fleet tracking firm, “The TrackerTEL GPS tracking system improves your fleet efficiency. It allows you to quickly deploy equipment, field service and sales personnel to the areas and locations where they are needed quickly. This is a plus for customers and clients who are waiting for help or information.”

Live Track1 has a wide range of useful features that can be used to better monitor activities of employees while driving company fleet vehicles. The prompt service to clients is another benefit. Employee safety and health, especially in an emergency situation comes with alert and alarm features in the system. Both real time and historical reports can be programmed into the system according to the specifications set up in the system.

Some of the specific features of the system include on screen mapping of vehicles by street name and block and vehicle speed monitoring with auto-notification. There are 19 daily text reports automatically generated, such as a Stop Report and Maintenance Report. There is GEO fencing with auto-notification and automatic vehicle reporting at three minute intervals. Unlimited vehicle polling, unlimited historical reports and real-time tracking of vehicle path and headings are noted.

Learn more about the features by visiting the web pages today. Members of the press and those who have questions regarding the capabilities and the info in this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the location described below.

Company Name: The GPS Tracking Network

Address: Dallas, TX 75243

Contact Telephone Number: (855) 687-4477 or (855) 687-4GPS

Contact Fax Number: (877) 843-4473



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GPS Free Tracking With PockiTrack – The GPS Tracking Network

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Commercial Employee Fleet Tracking Provides Solutions For Your Business

If your company is dependent upon pickups or deliveries, you now have a valuable tool. Thanks to commercial employee fleet tracking you can improve overall efficiency and safety. Here are just a few reasons to invest in a global positioning monitoring system for your vehicles and drivers.

Scheduling deliveries properly depends on the most efficient routing. When you can monitor the position of your trucks you have important data. For instance, drivers can check traffic reports and this helps them avoid snags due to construction or accidents. This can save an enormous amount of time.

Efficient fleets travel fewer miles each day than inefficient ones. This results in less fuel being used. Fuel is a major expense and anytime you lower fuel consumption you save money. As the price of gasoline or diesel continues to rise, this benefit becomes more and more valuable to your operations.

It is extremely important to know your drivers’ locations at all times. For example, if someone is broken down on the highway you learn about it instantly. This allows you to dispatch roadside assistance much quicker, or you may need to supply a replacement vehicle. The sooner this is taken care of, the fewer snags you have in your entire system.

In the past, drivers could easily get lost, especially if they were in unfamiliar areas. Thanks to the miracle of GPS, they can have detailed directions to every address. This prevents driving miles out of the way, burning extra fuel, and making deliveries late. In fact, your drivers can access information that gives them turn by turn directions.

Once you enjoy the ability to track your vehicles, you can improve almost every area of your operations. Your commercial employee fleet tracking system generates many kinds of important reports and this information can be studied to help you increase efficiency. That can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Find a summary of the benefits of using a commercial employee fleet tracking system and more information about a reputable tracking company at right now.

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